Lev Yashin, born on October 22, 1929, in Moscow, Soviet Union, was and still remains a towering figure in the world of soccer. Known as the “Black Spider” because of his distinctive black attire and his outstanding reflexes, Yashin made the goalkeeper position his own in a manner that nobody had seen before. The reverberations of his career still echo in the modern game, shaping the style, tactics, and expectations of goalkeepers worldwide.

In the canon of football legends, Yashin stands out for his goalkeeping prowess, having redefined the position to become an integral part of a team’s offense and defense. It is no surprise that he remains the only goalkeeper to have won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award, a testament to his immense skill and influence on the game. This article will delve into the impact that Lev Yashin had on soccer and the goalkeeper position.

Early Career

image of Lev Yashin in ice hockey gear

Yashin’s athletic career began not on the soccer field, but as a hockey goaltender. In fact, he played both sports only until the age of 25, even winning the USSR Ice Hockey Cup at 23. He was invited to defend the goal of the USSR national team in ice hockey, but he refused, as soccer was his real passion.

This early sporting experience, especially with reflexive and acrobatic saves, had a significant impact on his soccer goalkeeping style. His transition to football was a path of relentless hard work, practice, and constant improvement. He joined Dinamo Moscow, one of the leading football clubs in the Soviet Union, in 1950. From then until 1970, Yashin would make 326 appearances for Dinamo, making him a stalwart of the team for two decades.

Redefining the Goalkeeper Position

image of Lev Yashin vs England

Before Yashin, goalkeepers were generally static figures, limited to their goal area, and their role was often reactive rather than proactive. Yashin revolutionized this concept and transformed the goalkeeper position into a much more dynamic role. He was among the first to command his penalty area, intercept crosses, and come out of his line to break down attacks, effectively creating the role of a “sweeper-keeper.”

Yashin was also a pioneer in organizing the defense. He would shout out orders and instructions to his defenders, becoming an additional “coach” on the field. This holistic approach to goalkeeping was innovative at the time and is now considered a prerequisite for any top-level goalkeeper.

Goalkeeping Techniques & Innovations

Lev Yashin was a master of saving penalties. His penalty-saving ability was so extraordinary that it led to an unofficial statistic known as the “Yashin Percentage.” This was calculated based on the number of penalties a goalkeeper saved over their career. Yashin reportedly saved around 150 penalties during his career, an incredible feat that no one has matched since.

image of goalkeeping legend Lev Yashin

Yashin also introduced the idea of a goalkeeper starting attacks with quick and accurate throws. By doing this, he highlighted the importance of goalkeepers in not only defending but also initiating offensive play, which was an entirely new concept at the time.

Impact on Modern Soccer

The influence of Yashin can be seen in the modern game, where goalkeepers are no longer mere shot-stoppers. Today’s keepers are expected to be active contributors to both defensive organization and initiating attacking play. They are expected to have a good command of their box, communicate effectively with their defenders, and initiate counterattacks with their distribution. These were the qualities Yashin showcased, at a time when they were neither expected nor considered part of a goalkeeper’s duties.


Yashin passed away in 1990, but his legacy continues to thrive. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time and his innovations continue to inspire and shape the game today. The Lev Yashin Award, given to the best goalkeeper at the FIFA World Cup, stands as a testament to his lasting impact on soccer.

image of Alisson Becker receiving the first ever (Lev) Yashin Award for best goalkeeper in the world.

His iconic status in the world of soccer and his influence on the role of the goalkeeper can never be overstated. Lev Yashin changed the perception of what a goalkeeper could and should be, and his innovations continue to reverberate in modern football. Whether it’s the commanding presence of Manuel Neuer, the distribution skills of Alisson Becker, or the reflex saves of David De Gea, traces of Yashin’s influence are evident.

The goalkeeper’s role in soccer as we know it today owes a significant debt to Lev Yashin. His proactive style of goalkeeping, excellent command of the box, and offensive initiations revolutionized the position and challenged the status quo. Yashin turned the goalkeeper’s role into an art form, changing the face of soccer forever. His timeless legacy continues to live on, inspiring goalkeepers around the world.

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