If you’ve been using KEEPER BALM® regularly, and your gloves begin to feel oily, you need to WASH THEM.

The palms of your gloves are made of foam latex, which will eventually dry out when minerals from sweat, spit and dirt fill the pores. KEEPER BALM is a formula of all natural oils and waxes that seal the pores of the latex. The natural oils soak into the latex to keep it pliable, while the waxes ad tackiness (grip). Both ingredients also prevent sodium (sweaty hands) from seeping through from the inside of the gloves.

If your gloves are oily, it’s because you have over applied KEEPER BALM.

KEEPER BALM is a maintenance product. You don’t need to apply it multiple times a game of training. It’s not like a spray that you need to apply 3 or 4 times per session or game. You really only need to apply it after they are clean and dry.

Basically, if your gloves feel oily, it’s because you’re not washing them regularly.

KEEPER BALM is NOT at all similar to Glove Glu.

Some people assume that KEEPER BALM is just an improved or different version of Glove Glu and that they need to continuously apply it.

Stop it. Buy KEEPER BALM

Glove Glu is a short term solution for goalkeeper gloves that have lost or are losing grip.  Glove Glu can be sprayed on ANYTHING to may it sticky.  You can be wearing garden gloves and for about 30 minutes Glove Glu will make them the best gloves you’ve ever worn!  But once it dries, the sticky goes away and you’re just left with… garden gloves again.

KEEPER BALM is a long-term solution intended to condition your goalkeeper gloves to deliver high performance indefinitely, for as long as your gloves will last.

Wash, Dry & Apply for EXCEPTIONAL GRIP

When you continuously apply KEEPER BALM without washing your goalkeeper gloves, the waxes build up on the latex and the oils just sit on top of the waxes, making the gloves feel oily. However, once you wash your gloves again (with a mild soap) the excess oils will be removed, restoring exceptional grip to your gloves.

Following the “wash, dry & apply” maintenance routine will ensure that your gloves NEVER get an oily buildup and always operate to their utmost potential.